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In the context of the national fitness and leisure rising as the national strategy and with the help of the 2022 Beijing Olympic Games, the implementation of 300 million people participated in ice-snow sports providing an important opportunity, China International Mountain Sports and Technology Equipment Expo, hosted by Winter Cause, will be grandly held on June 22th, 2018 in Beijing.

This Expo will center on the themes of mountain sports, sports tourism and ice sports, also comprise five parts such as winter mountain sports technical equipment, summer mountain sports technical equipment, mountain sports ancillary service, ice sports equipment and sports tourism. On the basis of 12-years-experience of China Skiing Industry Forum, to create and promote the ecosystem platform of mountain sports. It is expected to attract dozens of countries from all-over the world nearly 200 enterprises’ participation into the expo and exhibition scale is expected to exceed 20,000 square meters.